The Great Turtle Bay Makeover

Digger's HomeWorld (MC 1.13.2 ) is getting a complete makeover!
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In preparation for the transition to Minecraft 1.14, the entire capital city of Centerville is combining with the Turtle Bay Waterfront area to become one community. Turtle Bay will be the center of commerce and activity for the expanding world.
At the shoreline, the Port District is the Shipping interface to the rest of the world beyond the sea. It is connected to the Warehouse District on the other end of town via an underground freight system.


  • Complete rebuild of the Warehouse District into a single integrated item sorting, storage, and
  • Removal and relocate existing buildings in the downtown area to other regions
  • Harvest all trees between waterfront and warehouse for use in construction,
  • Move Church to hill near the waterfront area,
  • Designed and built new schoolhouse/public building,
  • Designed and built new Train Station
To Do:
  • Design and construct an appropriate Town Hall in the town center area,
  • Design and construct town houses/row houses along the Grand Ave.
  • Install and configure item retrieval system under Wharehouse storage.
  • Rebuild Printing office across from Royal Inn (almost completed exterior),
  • Renovate the Port District wharf and cargo area,
  • Expand and complete the Grand Hotel (this needs the new block variants of 1.14),
  • Add public beach decorations and facilities,
  • New construction of Shops, apartments, government, and other buildings as needed.
  • Improved spawn area and new user support.

The biome diversity of this map is great! Within easy reach of spawn is a jungle, swamp, desert, mesa, and a Giant Mooshroom island to the north. Across the sea there are ice plains and moreā€¦


This is just a start, there is much to do to bring this town to life. Come and visit or join us. We could use folks to develop the Mooshroom and Mesa areas. In the meantime, check on our progress here. Download will be available after we reach the 50% complete level...

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Download the Turtle Bay World Map here! (Coming Soon!)