This is the story of Digger McGee and the Big Forest Mining Company. It is a long tale, most of which we do not know yet. So, stay tuned as the legend grows and the tales grow tall.
Digger McGee is a little troll of a gnome. He's grumpy, bumpy, a little bit stumpy, uglier than mud, and older than the hills. He loves everything to do with digging. The truth is that he loves to chop, build, AND explore too. But, digging will always be his first dream. Whether digging in the garden, deep in the mines, hacking a down a forest, or building a mansion; it's all good. Killing pesky mobs is fun, too!

Digger was born so long ago that no one remembers when or where. But it is rumored that he was born on the banks of a dark swamp deep in the heart of the Big Forest. The legends tell us the Digger was born with a shovel in one hand and a pick axe in the other. We doubt it, but no one really knows for sure.