Grand Hotel at Turtle Bay
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The Grand Hotel at Turtle Bay was conceived as the Jewel of Turtle Bay. Perched on a prominent point at the edge of Turtle Beach; it is the focal point of the waterfront area. We had a limited area to build, but we wanted something big and proud without overwhelming everything around it. It still is one of the larger buildings in town and sits on the hill above the Capitol building at the end of Central Avenue.

Turtle Bay Capitol/Parliament Building


The Turtle Bay Capitol/Parliament Building is Complete!

"A Playable Build..."

The exterior design is locked in and finished. The only addition we are considering at the moment is adding a cupola to the very top of the dome to add another layer to the look.

The Capitol Building occupies the entire town square area between the church and the main avenue connecting the Grand Hotel and the Royal Inn (Now known as Capitol Street). The west wing is finished. It is now the parliament where the governing body can meet to deliberate. It features a parliament debate floor where the legal sausage is made and a spectator's gallery on the second floor.

Turtle Bay Church on the Hill


Turtle Bay now has a house of worship!
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The Turtle Bay Church has been around since the early days of the town. Until recently, it remained largely unfinished. When construction first began in a part of town that used to be called Centerville, it was located adjacent to the spawn area. This was truly a community project. All the bricks were smelted from clay gathered and donated by players. All materials were gathered, harvested, and/or crafted in game and hand placed.

Turtle Bay Courthouse
Turtle Bay legal system is now open for "business"!

The Turtle Bay Courthouse was constructed mainly of concrete with quartz pillar accents and intended to match the style of the Capitol Building. Furnishing of rooms uses a combination of spruce and dark oak. Lighting is provided by numerous Jack-O-Lanterns (I have more pumpkins than I know what to do with) covered in oak trap doors.

The Turtle Bay Train Station is ready for download!
Built in 1.13.2 (should work in 1.14) 

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The station features 4 arrival/departure bays; two on the north end of the station, and two on the south end. Our implementation in Turtle Bay has the minecarts leaving and returning through a subterranean route. You can just as easily have them exit via an opening in the north and south walls flush with the floor to route traffic at or above ground level


Plans include finishing the 2nd floor lounges. One will be a basic waiting area and the other will be a snack bar/fast food dining area.

Schematic download available below!.