Turtle Bay Church on the Hill

Turtle Bay now has a house of worship!
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The Turtle Bay Church has been around since the early days of the town. Until recently, it remained largely unfinished. When construction first began in a part of town that used to be called Centerville, it was located adjacent to the spawn area. This was truly a community project. All the bricks were smelted from clay gathered and donated by players. All materials were gathered, harvested, and/or crafted in game and hand placed.

The Turtle Bay Train Station is ready for download!
Built in 1.13.2 (should work in 1.14) 

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The station features 4 arrival/departure bays; two on the north end of the station, and two on the south end. Our implementation in Turtle Bay has the minecarts leaving and returning through a subterranean route. You can just as easily have them exit via an opening in the north and south walls flush with the floor to route traffic at or above ground level


Plans include finishing the 2nd floor lounges. One will be a basic waiting area and the other will be a snack bar/fast food dining area.

Schematic download available below!. 

The Royal Inn Stables is Here! (Created in 1.13, Works in 1.14)

The finished Royal Inn Stables compliments the Royal Inn project. It is now featured in the Great Turtle Bay Makeover project and will be included in the downloadable world map. Built in MC 1.13.2, we have successfully used it in 1.14.

The Design Includes...

    • 10 animal stalls,
    • a huge hay loft with work area,
    • a small blacksmith workshop,
    • a small stablemasters apartment,
    • an upper loft area; and
    • oh yeah, Fireplaces! Using the simple design featured in our Fireplace project

The Great Turtle Bay Makeover

Digger's HomeWorld (MC 1.13.2 ) is getting a complete makeover!
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In preparation for the transition to Minecraft 1.14, the entire capital city of Centerville is combining with the Turtle Bay Waterfront area to become one community. Turtle Bay will be the center of commerce and activity for the expanding world.
At the shoreline, the Port District is the Shipping interface to the rest of the world beyond the sea. It is connected to the Warehouse District on the other end of town via an underground freight system.

Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System
The Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System is now available as a worldmap zip-file download

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It's done! The item retrieval system is finished. Inspired by a designs from youtube artists Ipismai and CobblestoneAndDirt . Make sure to check them out. I borrowed Cobble's one-wide timed loader design for the final product... I made several attempts at reproducing and enhancing their examples. The main goals became to reduce the overall footprint, make it scalable, and most of all practical to use in SMP.

I went through a couple iterations, each attempt running into problems with circuits cross talking and flaking out. Eventually it dawned on me to flip the whole thing around and tuck the mechanism underneath the sorting system. It just clicked from there, and I was able to improve the trigger circuits, compact the footprint to fit neatly under the BFMC Warehouse system (or any standard one at that!), and it will scale to any even numbered bay size (although it might not be practical). NextI really need to make a video explaining the system and fixes you must make due to how the schematics place tracks and droppers...