Turtle Bay Courthouse
Turtle Bay legal system is now open for "business"!

The Turtle Bay Courthouse was constructed mainly of concrete with quartz pillar accents and intended to match the style of the Capitol Building. Furnishing of rooms uses a combination of spruce and dark oak. Lighting is provided by numerous Jack-O-Lanterns (I have more pumpkins than I know what to do with) covered in oak trap doors.

The first floor is primarily administrative and support functioning of the court. There is a Constable's office with two holding cells for suspects awaiting trial. The important Clerk of the Court office and the Public Defender's office are right across the hall. Next to the Constable's office is the Prosecutor's office.

The second floor IS the Courtroom. Complete with defense and prosecution desks, a Jury Box, Witness Stand, and the judge's Bench provides all the necessary spaces for proper function of the justice system. Behind the "bench" are the Judge's chambers for private hearings and such. Behind the Jury Box is the Jury Deliberation Room.

The third floor is an attic area intentionally left unfurnished... We are adding some final touches to the model and will post when it is ready. Thanks!

NOTE: as pointed out by a PMC member, the lettering on the front of the Courthouse is not possible in Survival mode due to the use of custom heads (you can find them at https://minecraft-heads.com). Just remove them and throw away if you don't wan't them. The rest of the build is survival friendly.
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Download The Turtle Bay Courthouse -  DnLd01 80x32 


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