Royal Village

The Royal Inn

The Royal Inn was originally constructed on the back slopes of Sandy Point in our Desert Sands world back in MC 1.12. When we created Turtle Bay, the Royal Inn was its first permanent residential structure. The plan, when conceived, was to build a large Tudor style inn for guests to relax before journeying beyond our shores. However, I goofed and it became this monstrosity. We like it and it somehow seemed to fit with the rest of Centerville in MC 1.13. Since then, Centerville has been renamed to Turtle Bay and most of the original structures were demolished to accommodate the Great Turtle Bay Makeover.

The Royal Inn Stables is Here! (Created in 1.13, Works in 1.14)

The finished Royal Inn Stables compliments the Royal Inn project. It is now featured in the Great Turtle Bay Makeover project and will be included in the downloadable world map. Built in MC 1.13.2, we have successfully used it in 1.14.