The Royal Inn Stables is Here! (Created in 1.13, Works in 1.14)

The finished Royal Inn Stables compliments the Royal Inn project. It is now featured in the Great Turtle Bay Makeover project and will be included in the downloadable world map. Built in MC 1.13.2, we have successfully used it in 1.14.  

We had a poll to determine the final design. It seems we need to inform the stablemaster that won't get his luxury apartment after all. He won't be happy. As a result, we are now considering the project at 100%.

Thanks to everyone! As always, leave any comments or suggestions, and if you like it, share it on your page please. Thanks, Digger

The Design Includes...

    • 10 animal stalls,
    • a huge hay loft with work area,
    • a small blacksmith workshop,
    • a small stablemasters apartment,
    • an upper loft area; and
    • oh yeah, Fireplaces! Using the simple design featured in our Fireplace project

NOTE: Version 3 of the schematic has been released to correct the fire hazard recently found in the Blacksmith's area.  The new model fits the exact same dimensions as previous versions. Only the first floor interior is affected. 

It seems that the previous stablemaster was unhappy with our decison not to give him a luxury apartment above the stables. So, he bribed one of the stone masons working on the site to leave the room with a wooden ceiling. This has been fixed!  Currently, there is a warrant out for the arrest of Vernon Cringely. There is a $500 DiggerBuck reward for his capture. If you spot him SHOOT HIM ON SITE!

Part of the Royal Village Series as featured onAs featured on

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Download The Royal Inn Stables DnLd01 80x32