The Royal Inn

The Royal Inn was originally constructed on the back slopes of Sandy Point in our Desert Sands world back in MC 1.12. When we created Turtle Bay, the Royal Inn was its first permanent residential structure. The plan, when conceived, was to build a large Tudor style inn for guests to relax before journeying beyond our shores. However, I goofed and it became this monstrosity. We like it and it somehow seemed to fit with the rest of Centerville in MC 1.13. Since then, Centerville has been renamed to Turtle Bay and most of the original structures were demolished to accommodate the Great Turtle Bay Makeover.

The first three floors have been laid out and the common areas have been finished. Digger has taken up residence on the third floor and attic levels until his residence on the Bay is constructed. The first floor now boasts two dining rooms, a fireplace lounge with bar, a gift shop, and of course the front office. The kitchen, the bar, gift shop, and front desk have been completed. The second and third floors features a lounge area, suites and rooms.

The attic now sports an enchantment room, a library/lounge area (with two hidden chests). The attic will remain as an open plan design, it is an attic after all.

Fireplaces on every floor light with the flip of a switch. Be very careful modifying the fireplaces, especially if you enable any fire spreading or lava damage. You might cause the house to burn down.

This updated version of this model includes the

our new improved fireplaces! The 3 Wide Fireplace features a single lever to toggle the fireplace on/off! A very simple but effective design with a minimum of redstone components. The fireplaces are also available as a separate download!

Please note that for some odd reason doors, beds, artwork, and other items may not transfer over properly when pasting. It's probably a plugin version issue.

If you download it, leave a comment, a diamond, or subscribe to us at PMC. If you use it, give credit on a sign somewhere in your build. Happy camping...


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