Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System
The Big Forest Mining Company Item Retrieval System is now available as a worldmap zip-file download

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It's done! The item retrieval system is finished. Inspired by a designs from youtube artists Ipismai and CobblestoneAndDirt . Make sure to check them out. I borrowed Cobble's one-wide timed loader design for the final product... I made several attempts at reproducing and enhancing their examples. The main goals became to reduce the overall footprint, make it scalable, and most of all practical to use in SMP.

Digger's Modular Farm System


Digger's Modular Farm System is now a downloadable World Map (MC 1.13.2)  
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I first saw this concept on a YouTube video Mumbo Jumbo, Frilioth, and others. But these designs are villager based designs and I just can't keep those pesky villagers to stay put. So... I decided to take a more semi-automated approach. Something that was a little easier to do in SMP and could evolve as the player's fortunes grow. Quite honestly, you only ever need so many Beetroots...

The system is still manually planted, but has a convenient water harvesting mechanism, and can easily scale to what configuration you want. It can funnel the entire harvest into our modular sorting system, which in turn is designed to sit on top of an item retrieval system. The system includes a stackable module for every type of crop (only limited by how tall you want to make it) as well as the different animal.