Here are a few links to maps of our servers.


SMP Server:

These servers give you access to all HomeWorld realms, including; The Big Forest, Digger's Desert Sands, and MesaWorld. These are our main SMP worlds for users to establish their own base of operations. We have intentionally limited the size of our SMP worlds in anticipation of the Minecraft 1.14 release. We want to prevent unnecessary village generation until the "Village and Pillage" update is out so we can maximize the advantage of the new features. When we can safely deploy 1.14, we will remove ALL borders and open vast areas of wilderness for you to claim, develop, and exploit. At that time we will add it to the Servers area here at PMC...


Digger's Creative:

Our Creative servers run in full creative mode and our standard set of plugins that provide you with the ability to claim an area and protect your creations. Currently, these servers are restricted to VIP ranks. Once we have finished the basic infrastructure, we will open these servers to other ranks as well.